Abby Williams Happy Pals Brass Band

The Abby Williams Happy Pals performed from about 1948 until 1952
Abby Williams probably used almost the same musicians from the Silver Leaf Brass Band, when he got brass band jobs, he only changed the name in Abby Williams Happy Pals Brass Band

From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Cornet/trumpet Dee Dee Pierce, Joe “Kid” Howard, Jimmy “Kid” Clayton, Walter “Blue” Robertson jr.
Trombone Eddie Pierson, Jim Robinson
Clarinet Adolphe “Tats” Alexander
Sax Jesse Charles
Alto horn  
Tuba Ed “Noon” Johnson
Snare drum Abby Williams
Bass drum Chester Jones
Leader Abby Williams


Abby Williams´ Happy Pals Brass Band.
Eddie Pierson (tb), Ed Noon Johnson (sousaphone), Jim Robinson (tb),
Adolphe “Tats” Alexander (clar), Jesse Charles (sax), Dee Dee Pierce (trp), Kid Howard (trp), Kid Clayton (tp), Abby Williams (sndm), Chester Jones (bassdm).

Kid Clayton made some recordings under the name Kid Clayton’s Happy Pals, that was between 1952-1962.