Band Members

Rene Stallinga

René started to play the trombone when he was 13 years old and at that age he knew already that jazz was one off his favorite music styles. He started as a trombone and tuba player in a local music corps. After that he played several years in a big-band. In that period he learned more about jazz and especially to play the music. Nowadays the jazz music has become an important part off his life. The last ten years René played in several local jazz bands. There he met Franck and Hugo. From the start there was “a musical click”, and so he was asked to join the Hurricane Brassband in 2008. René also plays in the Gumbo jazzband and the Revival Jazzband.

Franck van de Weijer
Clarinet & Vocals

It was in the year 1990 when René and Hugo heard Franck at the local Mardi Gras in Maastricht, playing everything and everywhere he could. So he was asked to join the “King Zulu Brass Band”. Until that time Franck never played jazz, but within a few months the music was his. From that time he loves it and understands it to play the tears out off your eyes. Later Franck also joined the “New Orleans Dusty Duds”, who after some changes is nowadays called the “Gumbo Jazzband”.

Franck is also the first vocalist of the band.

Patrik Hoesch

Born in Basel Patrik Hoesch learned to play the trumpet at the each of 13, self-educated.
When he was 21, he completed six semesters at the Jazz School in Basel where he studied with Thomas Moeckel. In July 1993 he stayed for the first time in New Orleans. This visit was memorable for him. His models are Wynton Marsalis, Nicholas Payton, etc. and also – by today’s relations – Leroy Jones and Craig Klein. Musically he has developed over the years, mainly the New Orleans Jazz prescribed. And with appearances as a guest player in Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands in various brass bands and Jazz groups such as the Nile Lindvall quintet, Treme Brass Band, etc. Since 2011, he also plays in the backing band “Playday” of George McCrae (Rock your baby). Other performances he made for example at New Orleans Jazz Ascona, Eschweiler Music Festival, Jazz Düren etc.

In 2011 Patrik became a member of the Hurricane Brassband.

Hugo Kuijpers

In 1982 he bought his first trumpet to play at mardi gras time, in what we call in Maastricht a “zaate herremenie”.
After he visited the Jazz festival in Maastricht in 1984, he and his friend a trombone player, formed the “Original Stöb Jazz Band” in 1985, playing traditional Jazz. He still plays and leads that jazz band, that was renamed in the “New Orleans Dusty Duds” and after some changes is nowadays called the “Gumbo Jazzband”.

After visiting the Ascona Jazz Festival in 1986 and hearing Doc Paulin’s en Harold Dejan’s Brass Bands René asked him to play in Maastricht’s the first brass band, the “King Zulu Brass Band”.
In 1997 he was one of the fo
unders of the Hurricane Brassband and become their leader until today.
He never, regular, played in a band that not played traditional jazz. Hugo
also takes some vocals.

Jan van Gaalen
Alto Sax

Jan joined the Hurricane Brass Band in 2002. He’s the clarinettist of the in the Netherlands well known Circus Square Jazz Band playing Frisco style jazz. One time the band needed a replacement for Franck and asked Jan to play. First he hesitated because he sad he never played brass band music before. We did the job and it all went well. A few months later our regular tenor player quitted and Jan was asked to join the band on alto. Jan hadn’t played the alto for years, but started to play with us. Now, Jan knows what it is to play in a brass band and actually sometimes he’s really freaking out when playing his alto horn.

René Cardynaals

It was about 1985 when René joined the “Original Stöb Jazz Band” playing traditional Jazz. Before that time he played in a marching harmony in his neighbourhood. He still plays in that jazz band, that was renamed in the “New Orleans Dusty Duds” and after some changes is nowadays called the “Gumbo Jazzband”.

After visiting the Ascona Jazz Festival in 1986 and hearing Doc Paulin’s en Harold Dejan’s Brass Bands he was the initiator to organise a brass band by himself in Maastricht. He formed the “King Zulu Brass Band” and was their first leader.
René is the vocalist in wild tunes like, Iko Iko and Jambalaya.

Peter Corsius
Bass Drum

Born in 1961, he felt attracted to the drums at a very early age. Like a lot of musicians in Maastricht, he played his first riffs at Mardi Gras time. After being a member of the schoolorchestra, he was a long time member of “Les Chaupiques”and after that “C’est ca” who both play all kinds of music. It was not the question if I ever would switch to the traditional New Orleans Jazz but only when. It’s a compleet different style of playing the drums, but I feel very comfortable playing with the Hurricane Brassband. I now for sure, we’ll be playing many years together.

Servé van Dorsselaer

In 1997 Servé was asked by Franck to play in the new Hurricane Brass Band. He played with Franck in a band called “Laat en Zaat”. They played a lot of different music, but no jazz. Servé took the opportunity and so he became the trombone player of the Hurricane Brass Band. Like René his roots were in the harmony music, playing strictly from sheet music. Servé stayed with us and became a real brass band man and loves to play the strong riffs under the melodies.

Boy Limbourg
Snare Drum

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