Bell – Decker Brass Band

The Bell – Decker Band or Decker Band performed from at least 1874 – 1879

Before 1874 the band was mentioned as Bell-Decker. From 1874 on Sylvester Decker was leader of the band and it was called the Decker Band or Decker Brass band.
In 1879 it was named the Excelsior brass band. Many of the most respected Creole musicians were members of the band.

From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:


Cornet/trumpet Edward (Edwarre) Clem (played in the Eagle Band)
Trombone Honoré Dutrey (of Joe Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band)
Clarinet George Baquet
Bariton horn
Alto horn
Snare drum
Bass drum
Leader Sylvester Decker

1874, October 24
The Louisiana wrote that the Bell-Decker Band played when Mr. C.C. Antoine replaced Pinchback as Lieutenant Governor.

1875, September 4
The Louisianian reported on this day that Decker´s Brass Band was in attendance at the residence of Mr. O.J. Dunn. 4,p154

1879, May 31
The pride of Jefferson Lodge announced on this day an excursion to Thibodeaux with the Decker Band. 4,p155
The Louisianian from June 14, alsoreported about this event. 4,p155

1879, June 21
Another excursion, by steamboat to Baton Rouge, was announced, but at this point the band was called Excelsior Band, see there. 4,p157

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