Big Chief

1964© Music and Lyrics by Earl King

Born Earl Silas Johnson IV * New Orleans, La Feb 7,1934
† New Orleans, La Apr 17, 2003

There is a song that plays during Carnival in New Orleans that is possibly the classic Mardi Gras tune. It has a beat that must be danced to in the streets, the clubs, and the French Quarter. The horns sound like drunken angels pretending to be sailors on shore leave. The lyrics speak of Indians and fire water and a Big Chief leading his tribe. The man who wrote this tune, called “Big Chief” is the legendary Earl King. His mother was a heavyset woman nicknamed “Big Chief”.
This tune was arranged by professor Longhair.

You got fire got burning eyes,
Hey Big Chief on the Mardi Gras.
I’ll goin’ down to get my sword,
Me gonna start a big great war.
I’m gonne do everything I could,
’cause hey Big Chief I’m feeling good.

Hey Big Chief I’ve got to try,
|got me had to ride by my side.
Me flack boy had yet to die,
Me spied boy he’s feeling fine.
I’m gonna do everything I could,
’cause me Big Chief I’m feeling good

Lyrics: send by Mr. Adam Wasserman
Me got fire me can’t put it out,
heap firewater gonna make me shout,
I going down and get my squaw,
Me might buy a great big car
I’m  gonna do everything I could
Me big Chief, I’m feeling good,
Me Big Chief, I got ’em tribe
Got my squaw right by my side
My spyboy, he just went by,
My flagboy, he full of fire,
Me whole tribe just having fun
We gonna dance til morning come.