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Brass Bands & New Orleans Jazz

Book NO Jazz book

Author          : William J. Schafer
Publisher     : Louisiana State
University Press – 1977
ISBN             : 0-8071-0280-6
Information :
A history of Brass Bands and their music.

Fallen Heroes

Author          : Richard H.Knowles
Publisher     : Jazzology Press – 1996
ISBN             : 0-9638 890-3-6
Information :
A history of New Orleans Brass Bands, is the subtitel of this book. On the included CD there’re some wonderful examples of traditional Brass Band music.

New Orleans Style

Author          : Bill Russell
Publisher     : Jazzology Press – 1994
ISBN             : 0-9638 890-1-X
Information :
“at The Dawn Of This Century A New Music Was Born In New Orleans.” So Begins Bill Russell’s Essay That Opens The Book. The Following Pages A Series Of Interviews With 24 Legendary Musicians, Attempt To Shed Light On The Beginnings And Growth Of That New Music And The Meaning And Nature Of The “new Orleans Style.”

New Orleans Jazz: a revised history

Author          : R. Collins
Publisher     : Vantage Press – 1996
ISBN             : 0-533-11427-6
Information :
Hardbound, 293 pages and a lot of photo’s

In search of Buddy Bolden

Author          : Donald M. Marquis
Publisher     : Da Capo Press – 1978
ISBN             : 0-306-80130-2
Information :
Paperback 170 pages and a lot of photo’s.
this book overlays the myths, with the substance of reality. Interviews with those who knew Bolden and an extensive array of primary sources enliven and inform the author absorbing portrait of the brief but brilliant career of the first man of Jazz.

Bunk Johnson his life & times

Author          : Christopher Hillman
Publisher     : New York, University
books – 1988
ISBN             : 0-876637454
Information :
Music American Jazz Biography Johnson Bunk 1889-1949.
Hardcover, 128 pages

New Orleans

Author          : Adam Olivier
Publisher     :     – 1980
ISBN             :
Information :
Booklet in Dutch written by Dutch trumpet player Adam Olivier

Louis Armstrong New Orleans

Author          : Thomas Brothers
Publisher     : W.W. Norton & Company –
ISBN             : 0 393 06109 4
Information :
Biography Louis Armstrong
Hardcover, 398 pages

Keeping the beat on the street

Author         : Mick Burns
Publisher    : Louisiana State University
Press – 2006
ISBN             : 0-8071-3048-6
Information :
Told in the words of the musicians themselves, Keeping the Beat on the Street celebrates the renewed passion and page antry among black brass bands in New Orleans. Mick Burns introduces the people who play the music and shares their insights, showing why New Orleans is the place where jazz continues to grow.


Author          : Ramsey, Frederic Jr.;
Smith, Charles Edward
Publisher     : New York, Harcourt,
Brace – 1939
ISBN             : 0403016541
Information :
A colorful, lusty book about men who made jazz and how they played it. This is the rousing story of the cabarets and halls and good-time flats of Basin Street in New Orleans, where jazz began with the music of Bunk Johnson, Louis Armstrong, Buddy Bolden, and other great pioneers.
Hardcover, 360 pages

The Jazz Crusade

Author          : Big Bill Bissonnette
Publisher     : Special request books –
ISBN             : 0-9632297-0-2
Information :
The inside story of the Great New Orleans Jazz Revival of the 1960s
342 pages with a CD of the bands Bill Bissonnette recorded on his label Jazz Crusade

Satchmo: My life in New Orleans

Author          : Louis Armstrong
Publisher     : Prentice Hall. Place of Publication:
New York. Publication Year: 1954.
ISBN             : 9780306802768
Information :
Autobiography Louis Armstrong
Hardcover, 248 pages

The Great Olympia Band

Author          : Mick Burns
Publisher     : Jazzology Press – 2001
ISBN             : 0-9638 890-8-7
Information :
The history of the (Dejan’s) Olympia Brassband on 220 pages and included a CD.

Shining Trumpets

Author          : Rudi Blesh
Publisher     : Alfred A Knopf – 1946
ISBN             : L.C. Catalog card 58-9674
Information :
The wholenoisy, excisting, and bespangled story of jazz and its creaters

Jazz on the Road

AAuthor          : Christopher Wilkinson
Publisher     : Univ of California Press
– 2001
ISBN             : 0520229835
Information :
Paperback 290 pages

New Orleans Jazz: A family album

Author          : Al Rose and Edmond Souchon
Publisher     : Louisiana State University Press
Baton Rouge.
Publication Year: 1967.
Lib Congress cat. card number: 66-25975
Information :
A photo book first published in 1967 and subsequently revised in 1978 and 1984.
Hardcover, 302 pages

Storyville, New Orleans

Author          : Al Rose
Publisher     : University of Alabama Press
Publication Year: 1974.
Lib Congress cat. card number: 74-491
Information : An Authentic Illustrated Account of the Notorious Redlight District.
Paperback edition 1979, 225 pages

Exploring Early Jazz

Author          : Daniel Hardie
Publisher     : iUniverse
Publication Year: 2002.
ISBN: 0-595-21876-8
Information : This book tells the story of the hectic thirty years during which the basic jazz of Buddy Bolden developed into Classic Jazz and then passed into History. It uncovers the music of the twenty hidden years before first the recordings began to appear. It is also the saga of the first jazz bands, their struggle to adapt to the changing demands of their audiences and the impetus they gave to the roaring twenties.
Paperback 410 pages

New Orleans Jazz Club The Second Line

A History of Jazz funeral

The Second Line is the magazin of the New Orleans Jazzclub.
The Tuxedo Brass band is playing a traditional Jazz Funeral in New Orleans.

Price: $ 5.00