Buddie Petit Brass Band

The Buddie Petit Brass Band performed from about ? until ?

From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Cornet/trumpet Buddie Petit, Lee Collins, Louis Armstrong, Punch Miller, Chris Kelly, Mutt Carey
Trombone Jim Robinson (his first brass band)
Clarinet George Lewis16
Bariton horn  
Alto horn Willie Parker
Snare drum  
Bass drum  
Leader Buddie Petit

One of Louis Armstrong earliest band experience was playing in Buddie Petit´s marching band.

The band played on Carnival day for the Jefferson City Buzzards2,p171

Playing for the Bulls Club.

Ca 1920:
The band played the Zulu Parade on Mardi Gras Day.
According to Lee Collins (Oh, didn´t he ramble p 34) Buddie (who never played the lead as mentioned by Punch Miller Interview Aug 23, 1960) hired Punch Miller and Lee Collins as trumpet players

Sources books:
2 Fallen Heroes, by Richard H. Knowles
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