Bugle Boy March

1907© Music by Francis A. Myers

Francis A. Myers * 1875 Spring Grove, Pa
+ Sept 7, 1960

Conductor Professor Francis Myers was born in 1875 in Spring Grove, PA.  He attended John Hopkins University Medical School. but left after three years to join the famous John Philip Sousa Marching Band.  He stayed with that band for four years and then played the clarinet in the official band at the St. Louis World’s Fair.  He also played with an orchestra on the S.S. Potsdam as the ship sailed between New York and Antwerp.  Later on he directed his own band on the Chautauaua circuits.  He came to Utica in 1912 and taught in various high schools and directed numerous bands.  He established the Myers Band School and Conservatory of Music, which was located in the 1400 block of Genesee St. in Utica.  During his long career (he died September 7, 1960 at the age of 85) he wrote more than 200 published band selections. This is all we have about Professor Myers. Thanks to Patrick Tevlin, Ca