Bulls Club Brass Band

The Bulls Club Brass Band performed from ca. 1915 until 1925

From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Cornet/trumpet Manuel Callier, Joe “King”Oliver, George McCullum sr.Chris Kelly
Trombone Arthur Stevens
Bariton horn  
Alto horn  
Snare drum  
Bass drum  
Leader Manuel Callier
Manager Arthur Stevens

The Bulls Aid and Pleasure Club was a popular marching club, which had its own brass band. The Bulls Club was a black fraternal organization that was first located at 701 Philip at the corner of Chippewa and Philip Streets, and later on Harmony Street in Central City. Some of the trumpeter\leaders of this group included Manuel Calier, Chris Kelly, King Oliver and George McCullum, Sr. Arthur Stevens was the manager and trombonist in the early 1920s. Drummer Ray Bauduc mentioned in an interview that “South Rampart Street Parade” was partially inspired by the parade of the Bulls Club. The building, at 1913 Harmony Street, was purchased by the Winter Capitol Lodge of Elks for $20,000 in 1938. This was an African-American lodge of Elks. According to the Times-Picayune of Wednesday, May 4, 1938, they planned to remodel the building and open a grill at the former home of the Bulls Aid and Pleasure Club.i1

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