Bunk’s Brass Band

The Bunk Johnson Brass Band was the first New Orleans street band on phonograph records. It was a pick-up group organized and recorded by William Russell by 1945. In 1946 they made a second session around Kid Howard, organized by Rudi Blesh, but now the name of the band was the Original Zenith Brass Band.

May 1945:

Cornet/trumpet Willie Geary “Bunk Johnson, “Kid Shots” Madison
Trombone Jim Robinson
Clarinet George Lewis
Bariton horn Adolphe “Tats” Alexander jr, (of the Onward BB)
Alto horn Isidore Barbarin
Tuba Joseph “Red” Clark
Snare drum Warren “Baby” Dodds
Bass drum Lawrence Marrero
Leader “”Bunk” Johnson

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