Down in honky tonk town

1916© Music by Chris Smith and Lyrics by Charles McCarron

Chris Smith             * Charleston, SC Oct 12, 1879
†  New York City, NY Oct 4, 1949
Charles McCarron  * 1891
† 1919

Honky tonk:

Come honey, let’s go down,
to honky-tonky town.
It’s underneath the ground,
where all the fun is found.

There’ll be singing waiters,
singing synchopaters,
dancing to piano played by Mister Brown.

He plays piano queer,
he always plays by ear.
The music that you hear,
just makes you stay a year.

Even starts a monkey,
dancing with a monkey,
down in Honky-Tonky town

Frank Thorne send us following supplementary lyrics:

Do my eyes deceive me or am I goin’ mad
Believe me hon’ that my hearin’ ain’t bad
Something seems to tell me that I’m list’nin’ to rag
I’ve been suspecting so all night;

Tunes I’ve heard before is only music what ain’t
Melodies I’m list’nin’ to no artist can paint.
Bring me some ammonia ’cause I fear I’m gonna faint
I’m just a-suffocatin’ with delight.

O Joe,  . .  Please stay . . Don’t go . . Go on and play,
Listen Mr. Manning won’t you play it again . . .
Listen Mr. Manning won’t you play it again,

Oh-oh-oh Joe,  . .  please stay . . Don’t go . . Go on and play,
Listen Mr. Manning won’t you play it again,
Listen to that fussy rag  (That fussy rag!)

Email Bill Scofield:
Frank Thorne was a well-know barbershop quartet enthusiast and arranger.
A barbershop chapter has been named after him.
My understanding is that the original song was too short, so he added to it.
This has not been verified. It could have been an unpublished part of the original.
My quartet gets a very good response from this arrangement.
The words lend themselves to a few theatrics. I haven’t heard of any other quartet singing it in the past 30 years. The copyright date shown on the arrangement I have is MCMXLI, by Jerry Vogel Music Co.

Bill Scofield
Oceanside, CA
Palomar-Pacific Chapter
Barbershop Harmony Society