E Gibson Brass Band

The E Gibson Brass Band performed from the 1946 until ? as a neighborhood band in the Garden District of New Orleans. It was a non-union band.
The name E. Gibson was used because it was a name that belonged to no musician in the band, that way the leadership could change through the years but the name would always remain the same.
In the fall of 1970 Gregg Stafford played his first job with the Gibson Brass Band led by trumpeter Johnny Wimberley)i1
The Gibson Brass Band, employed most of the same men from an earlier brass band called, Jimmy Jackson Brass Band. In the Jackson band played a number of man from the old St. John’s Brass Band. The band rehearsed every week at Cal Blunt’s house on Louisiana Avenue.

From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Cornet/trumpet Richard “Bat” Batiste (1946 – 1954), Johnny Wimberley, Charlie Tuma (1946 – ), Johnny Wimberley (1946 – ), Eddie Richardson (1954 –  replacing Batiste), John Henry McNiel ( replaced Tuma), Leon Bageon (Vageaud or Vajean or Bajeon) (replaced McNiel), Richard Maclean, Ernest Doc Paulin, Joseph Bentley, Gregg Stafford (1970 – )
Trombone Carroll “Cal” Blunt (1946  – ), Eddie Morris (1946 – )Roland Cayette (replaced Morris ), Eddie Noble (1963 – replaced Morris), F. Thompson, Robert “Buster” Moore,
Clarinet Lawrence Dent, Henry Franklin, Joseph “Joe” Torregano
Tenor sax Alphonse B. Spears (1946 – )
Alto sax Lawrence Dent ( – 1959), Robert Davis (1959 – )
Tuba Adam Page, Louis Keppard (mid 1950s – ), Albert Miller (replacing Keppard), Anthony “Tuba Fats” Lacen
Snare drum George Sterling (1946 – )
Bass drum David “Dave” Bailey (1946 – 1965), Henry “Sleepy” Robertson
Leader Johnny Wimberley
Manager Alphonse B. Spears

The first job they played was for the Garden District Carnival Club
Carrol “Cal” Blunt and Eddie Morris (tb),
Alphonse B. Spears (ts), Dave Bailey (bsdm), George Sterling (sndm), Richard Battiste, Johnny Wimberley and Charlie Tuma (tp).

George Sterling (sndm), A.B. Spears (ts), Eddie Richardson (tp), Louis Keppard (sous), Robert Davis (as).

1962 September 16:
The band paraded at 7th and Liberty
Carroll “Cal” Blunt (tb), ? (sous), Robert Davis (as), Alphonse Spears (ts), George Sterling (sndm), Dave Bailey (bsdm), Eddie Richardson and Johnny Wimberley(tp)

1963 November 16
Barry Martin recorded the band for his MONO label.
Carroll “Cal” Blunt and Eddie Noble (tb), Albert Miller (sous), Robert Davis (as), Alphonse Spears (ts), George Sterling (sndm), Dave Bailey (bsdm), Eddie Richardson and John Henry McNeil (tp)

1964 April 30
Leonard Brackett recorded the band at Cotimo’s Studio for George Buck recordings.
Carroll “Cal” Blunt and Roland Cayette (tb), Albert Miller (sous), Robert Davis (as), Alphonse Spears (ts), George Sterling (sndm), Dave Bailey (bsdm), Eddie Richardson and Joseph Bentley (tp)

1964 September 6
Carroll Blunt (tb), A.B. Spears (gr.march), Eddie Richardson (tp), Earl Harden (tb), George Sterling (sndm), Eddie Morris (tb), Dave Bailey (bsdm), Robert Davis (as), John Wimberly (tp).

After Jackson died, Alphonse Spears took over as manager from the Jimmy Jackson Brass Band and renamed it E. Gibson Brass Band.
In 1970
Johnny Wimberley was the leader.

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