Eh la bas

© Traditional
Deborah-Helen Viator of Eh, la-bas
(a traditional New Orleans Creole Music band) mailed me:
Louisiana Creole, much like the various Swiss Germans, is not a written language, so, the alphabet is phonetic.  As for the writer, the song has been recorded by (and claimed by) many.  The song is actually very old and predates all that have claimed it.  Originally, it contained as many more verses.  They have, unfortunately been lost.

E la ba!  E la ba!                                (Hey over there!)
E la ba, chèri! (E la ba, chèri!)        (Hey over there, dear lady!)
Komon sa va?  (Komon sa va?)      (How’s it goin’?)

Mo chè kouzen, mo chè kouzin,   (My dear cousin (male), my dear cousin (female),
mo lenme la kizin!                            (I love the kitchen!)
Mo manje plen, mo bwa diven,     (I eat a lot, I drink wine,)
e sa pa kout ariyen.                           (and it costs me nothing.)

Ye tchwe kochon, ye tchwe lapen, (They kill a pig, they kill a rabbit,)
e mo manje plen.                                (and I eat a lot.)
Ye fe gonmbo, mo manje tro,           (They make gumbo, I eat too much,)
e sa fe mon malad.                             (and that makes me sick.)
Verse (sent by David Emile Marcantel)
L’aut jour mo mangé
courtbouillon poisson
Mon conté à elle allant
Voulez voulez voulez voulez voulez-vous
Voulez-vous comme un cochon

Roy Burton sent me this version of Eh la bas:
Eh la bas                                            (Hey over there)
Eh la bas                                            (Hey over there)
Eh la bas cherie                                (Hey over there friend)
Comment ça va                                 (How are you)
Ma chere couson, mon cher cousin  (My dear cousin (male) my dear cousin (female)
J’aime la cuisine,                                  (I like the kitchen (cooking)
Je mange beaucoup, je bois du vin   (I eat a lot I drink wine)
Et se pas coute rien                              (And it costs me nothing)
Je tuē cochon, je tuē lapin                  (I kill a pig, I kill a rabbit)
Et je mange beaucoup                         (And I eat a lot)
Je fait gumbo, j’ai mange trop           (I make gumbo, I have eaten too much)
Et sa fait mon malade.                         (And that makes me sick)
L’autre jour j’ai mange trop               (The other day I ate a lot)
Court-bouillon poison                        (Court-boillon fish (fish cooked in wine)
Mon conte a vous allant vomis         (My story to you goes vomit)
Vomis, comme un cochon.                 (Vomit like a pig)

Jean-Pierre Alessi, leader of the French Preservation Hall New Orleans Jazz Band sent me this version of Eh la bas:

I play this song AABA

Eh la bas
Eh la bas
Eh la bas cherie
Comment ca va

Eh la bas
Eh la bas
Eh la bas cherie
Eh la bas

Mon cher cousin ma chere cousine
Vous aimez la cuisine
Vous mangez bien – vous buvez bien
Nous gouter a rien

Eh la bas
Eh la bas
eh la bas cherie
eh la bas

another B :
vous mangez court bouillon poisson
vous gonflez comme un ballon
et vous roulez roulez roulez
roulez comme un gros cochon

If you have supplementary information about this song, please let us know.

The Louisiana-Creole Alphabet:
On the left are the letters of the Creole alphabet; on the right are their sounds as represented in English words.  The italicized letters in these English words are the represented sounds.  This alphabet was developed primarily by Prof. Thomas Klingler of Tulane University.  The authors have made slight changes from Prof. Klingler’s version, see Dictionary of Louisiana Creole, 4-6 (A. Valdman et al., 1998).
a                                papa, mama, pot
e                                make, date
è                                let, bet
i                                 me, see
I                                 in, sit
o                                go, smoke
ò                                loss, cost
ou                              moon, pool
y (after “a”)                my, try
y (after “e” and “an”)  me, see (voiced softly)
eu                              book, look
œ                               nurse, nerd
æ                               bat, sat

Nasal Vowels

an                               want
en                               sand, land
on                               long, song


b                                 bowl
ch                                shop, shirt
d                                 dog
dj                                judge, job, jacket
f                                  fort, far
g                                 get, go
gn                               nyet (Russian “no”)
h                                 hat
j                                  rouge, garage, pleasure
k                                 kitchen, cut
l                                  love
m                                mother
n                                 noun, name
ng                               sing, strong
p                                 pole
r                                 roll, rough
s                                 seek, sew
t                                  top
tch                              church, chin
v                                 victory
w                                wet, wash
y                                 yet, yes
z                                 zoo, zip, gaze