Encyclopedia 1-9

Franklin, between Canal and Customhouse (now Iberville) streets.
This was one of Pete Lala’s saloons. It’s said that Buddy Bolden played at 25 a few gigs.

25 Cabaret:
In 1915 Clarence Williams played here as a entertainer.

The 28
Franklin Street
At the time of the Charles Riot of 1900 `Bif Eye` Louis Nelson, played with Buddy Bolden in this Club.
Essays in legal philosophy, pg 8

101 Range (or Ranch) dance Hall
On North Franklin Street at the edge of the district.
On March 23, 1913 (Easter Sunday), the manager of the Tuxedo dance Hall and the owner of the 101 Range dance hall across the street were shot in the bar. The dance halls remained closed when it was later reopened.
The owner was Billy Phillips.18,p53