Encyclopedia A

Abadie or Aberdeen brothers‘ Cabaret:
At Marais and Bienville Streets.
Joe “King” Oliver played here with the quartet of Richard M. Jones.
In Jazzmen, this cabaret was mentioned as Aberdeen brothers‘.
It was here that Joe Oliver decided to prove his merits. Joe instructed his pianist one day to sound the chord of B-flat. He began playing while marching across the cabaret floor and went out into the street. He directed his trumpet towards Pete Lala’s house where Freddie Keppard played with the Olympia Band and after that in the direction of the place Emmanuel Perez was playing. The people came out the gambling houses, brothels and honky tonks and followed Joe re-entered the Aberdeen cabaret. After that they spoke deferentially of Joe as „King“.
Man of popular music by David Ewen/Jazzmen by Ramsey and Smith

The Alamo Dance Hall:
1001 Canal Street on the corner with Burgundy Street.
When Junius’ music store relocated, the Alamo Dance Hall moved into the second floor of this location. While the entrance was on Burgundy St., the dancehall overlooked Canal St. Many musicians and bands played here including banjoist and guitarist Danny Barker. http://www.nps.gov/archive/jazz/Walking%20Tours/Canal%20street2.pdf

Allen saloon:
1024 Poydras Street.
Opened by Charles B. Allen in 1900. In 1904 he moved it to 500 South Rampart. 5,p53

Tom Anderson’s Annex or Café:
Corner Basin and Iberville Street. Louis Armstroing mentioned it at the corner of Sherville and Anderson Street (My life in New Orleans)

Tom Anderson’s restaurant:
125 North Rampart Street.

C.A. Andrews Coal Cart Company:
At Ferret and Perdido Street.
It was the company Louis Armstrong worked for. Later on it was the inspiration for his Coals Cart Blues.

Artesian Hall:
Derbigny between Kerlerec and Columbus.

In 1945, Wooden Joe Nicholas (trumpet), Johnny St. Cyr, Baby Dodds recorded her.
In 1951, Wooden Joe Nicholas
In 1952 George Lewis with Percy Humphrey made a record in the Hall.

Astoria Club – Ballroom – Hotel:
South Rampart Street.
235 South Rampart Street, In 1938 Astoria Restaurant was managed by Miss Vera Braden – New Orleans city guide 1938

St. Augustine church:
On St. Claude and Governor Nichols Streets.
Isidore Barbarin was baptised in this church in the neighborhood Treme.

Autocrat Social and Pleasure Club:
1725 St. Bernard Avenue.

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