Encyclopedia F

Fewclothes (Foucaults):
Basin Street

Fisk school for boys:
507 South Franklin (near the corner of Perdido)
This was most likely the school Buddy Bolden began his education.5,p29
Louis Armstrong also went to this school. (My life in New Orleans)

Francs Amis Hall:
St. Anthony, between Villere and Robertson, 7th Ward.
Isidore Barbarin was working as cashier in the Hall. During Mardi Gras 1901, he was shot is his stomach, while there was a fight broke out. Barbarin was hospitalized, but the surgeon was unable to locate the bullet, so he was never removed. Isidore Barbarin was interview by Bill Russell and Richard B Allen in 1959.

Friends of Hope Hall (later known as Cooperators Hall):
Treme street

Fron-zi-me Hall:

Funky Butt (Hall):
– This song, also called Funky Butt Blues was the second theme of the St. Louis Tickle and known in New Orleans as Buddy Bolden’s Blues. The song inspired Jelly Roll Morton to his song: “I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say”.
– Nickname of the Union Sons Hall also known as Kinney’s Hall or
McKenna’s Hall, a converted church at 1319 Perdido str.

– Dance: The idea was, a woman would raise her skirt to show off her
petticoat or what have you and suggestively move her hips. Coot Grant
says: While she raised her skirt she would and grind her rear end like an
alligator crawling up a bank.

– The word Funky was around in the 1920s to refer to an obnoxious smell,
especially referring to a person who smelled bad.