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Gallatin Street: (Now French Market Place)
Named after Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the Treasury under Jefferson and Madison, these two blocks are what remains of a four block area that extended to N. Peters St. The others were torn down in the 1930’s for the farmer’s market sheds. Gallatin St. (c.1840-1875) predated Storyville as one of the city’s red light districts and is commemorated by cornetist Johnny Wigg’s “Gallatin Street Grind.” A rough area, it set the tone for the surrounding area for nearly a century.

Geddes Hall

Globe Hall Dance Hall
On the Old Bassin Canal, corner of St Peter Street and the Northeast corner of St. Claude, downtown New Orleans near Congo Square, known as a very rough place. The area was called White Storyville.
1864 acting mayor James F. Miller granted permission for a ball at the hall. 5,p70

1889 The Alliance Brass Band was reported to have played for dancing at the Globe Hall. Brian Wood.
Guitarist Louis Keppard remembered playing with Bolden’s Band at the Globe Hall in New Orleans in 1895.

“Notably in 1853 a committee of gentlemen appointed at a mass meeting held at Globe Hall, waited on Marie (Laveau) and requested her on behalf of the people to minister to the fever-stricken. She went out and fought the pestilence where it was thickest, and many alive to-day owe their salvation to her devotion. (see more)

In the 1920s it was torn down to provide space for the municipal auditorium. 5,p70

Grand Marshall:
At funerals: he was in overall charge of the band and cortège, to start with wore the sash of the organization inside out to reveal only a dark side. It was his job to organize members to carry the American flag and the club or association banner. He would also have established a route for all stages of the funeral procession, prior to setting out. The Grand Marshall liaised with the band leader regarding musical or procedural requests by the family or organization.
Famous Grand Marshalls: Fats Houston (Olympia BB).

Gravier Street:
227: Headquarters of the Pelican Brass Band.

Groshell’s cabaret:
Iberville – Liberty street