Encyclopedia H

Hagan’s Hall:
2059 Jackson Avenue (Original name of the Langshoremen’s Hall and also known as Jackson Hall).

Hanan’s saloon:
Corner of Liberty and Custom House street

Nancy Hank’s saloon:
Corner of Marais and Customhuse (now Iberville) streets.
The saloon was owned by Ada Hayes and John Exnicious. According to Jazzmen Buddy Bolden played in here in 1906. 5,p58-59

Heritage Hall:
300 block Bourbon Street
De hall was opened in 1973 directly after Economy Hall was closed, in the same building.
On July 24 1973 doors closed again.

In 1974 a hall with the same name was opened on Jackson Square, on the corner of St. Ann and Charters. The bands of Louis Cottrell and Papa French played in this hall.

Hopes Hall:
Ca. 1905. 922 North Liberty Street between Orleans and St Ann, near Congo Square.
1963 Kid Sheik, John Handy, Jim Robinson, George Guesnon, Alcide Pavageau, Barry Martyn made a live recording at the Hall.

Old Hopes Hall:
On the corner of Verret and Homer Street in Algiers.
It was a wooden dance hall, where in 1951 Kid Thomas recorded and in 1966 Kid Sheik with Barry Martyn.

Howard Street:
319: (between Erato and Clio street) was the birthplace of Charles Joseph “Buddy” Bolden. 5,p12

Flower. Louis Armstrong mentioned them standing in front of the Colored Waif’s Home for Boys.

Huntz Cabaret: