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Rampart Street:
When Francisco Luis Hector, Baron de Carondelet was the Spanish governor of Louisiana from 1791 to 1797, he strengthened two of the forts that already protected the city and built two new ones: Fort St. Charles and Fort St. Ferdinand. He also added a rampart — a fortification consisting of an embankment, often with a parapet on top — at the back of town. The rampart is, of course, gone, but now we have Rampart Street where it used to be.
Red Back Book:
A famous music book with rags in it, that was used by several New Orleans musicians.

Red onion cabaret:
South Rampart at Julia Street
The cabaret was on the second floor of a two-story structure. The name was used by many “Red Onion Jazz Bands. The original was led by Edward “Kid” Ory. In those days the Red Onion opened at 5 AM, and all the musicians on the street would go there after their own three o’clock closing times. (see more)

Rice’s Café:
Iberville – Marais street

New Orleans Rhythm Club:
The club where the New Orleans Rhythm Boys played with their leader pianist Joe Robichaux in the 1930’s
Roma’s cafe:
1003 Decatur Street.
This cafe on the second floor above Roma’s Restaurant featured various bands during the 1930’s, including that of clarinetist Luke Schiro. His drummer was Joe Stephens, son of Jack Laine’s legendary drummer “Ragbaby” Stephens. www.nps.gov/jazz/
North Roman Street:
1515 House of Albert Burbank (Albert Jiles mentioned it in his interview with John Norris (See New Orleans Music Vol 15 no 6)