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Tango Belt:
Canal Street

Tin Type Hall:
Jazzmen (written by F. Ramsey and Ch. Smith) mentioned this Hall as being one of the places Buddy Bolden played in. There has never been a Tin Type Hall in New Orleans. Bill Russell told Donald Marquis (writer of In search of Buddy Bolden) that it was a case of his misunderstanding Jelly Roll Morton’s pronunciation of the name.

Touro Street:
Louis Nelson lived here (Albert Jiles mentioned it in his interview with John Norris (See New Orleans Music Vol 15 no 6)

Tulane Room, Jung Hotel:
1500 Canal Street.
This hotel was designed by Weiss and Dreyfous in 1924 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. Its Tulane Room was the site of jazz dances and its Jung Hotel Roof Garden featured the hot music of the Ellis Stratakos Orchestra in the late 1920s and early 1930s. It is now the Radisson Hotel. nps.gov/Jazz

Tuxedo Dance Hall:
On North Franklin Street at the edge of the district.
On March 23, 1913 (Easter Sunday), the manager of the Tuxedo dance Hall (Harry Parker) and the owner of the 101 Range dance hall (Billy Phillips) across the street were shot in the bar.18,p84 The dance halls remained closed when it was later reopened.
From 1910 until this event the Tuxedo Dance Orchestra was led by Oscar “Papa” Celestin.
Manuel Manetta claimed to have started the Tuxedo Orchestra at the Tuxedo Cabaret in1910.18,p82