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Union Sons Hall:

Back o’ Town: 1319 Perdido Street, between Liberty and Franklin Streets.

The hall was also informally renamed as Funky Butt Hall, also known as Kinney’s Hall and McKenney’s Hall.
“The same hall also ironically served as a Baptist church on Sunday Mornings. The dichotomy that the Funky Butt Hall and the Baptist church would seemly represent instead coexisted within the same building”. (See more of Buddy Bolton)

“The nicknames possibly came from one of the organization’s presidents, William S. Kinney”.
The hall was built sometime after 1866, when several “free persons of color” formed the Union Sons Relief Organization of Louisiana and bought a double-lot parcel for its headquarters. The only known photograph of the place was taken in the 1930s, a decade or so after it had become the Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church, and by then it certainly looked like a church, although this being New Orleans it is not impossible that it always had a steeple and Gothic arched windows. Anyway, it was a church on Sunday mornings for much of its existence, originally leased to the First Lincoln Baptist Church for that purpose. On Saturday nights, meanwhile, it was rented for dances which lasted until early light, so that the deacons must have put in a hard few hours every week washing up spilled beer and airing out the joint before the pious came flocking. At night it was known as one of the rougher spots in a rough area. It was razed in the late 1950s, along with most of the immediate neighborhood, its site now lost somewhere under the vastness of the Louisiana State Office Building. In search of Buddy Bolden by Donald M. Marquis.

Urquart Street:
Number 1716: House of George Lewis’s (1943)