George Williams’ Brass Band

The George Williams performed from in 1949 until 1965. With the Eureka and the Young Tuxedo was the Williams’ Brass Band the only organized union brass band in the 1950s.

From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Cornet/trumpet Albert Walters, Alvin AlcornErnest Cagnolatti, Theodore “Teddy” Riley, Joshua “Jack” Willis
Trombone Oscar “Chicken” Henry (early 1950s), Bob Thomas (early 1950s), Jim Robinson, Eddie Pierson, Buster Moore, Worthia “Showboy” Thomas, William Bill Matthews
Clarinet Albert Burbank, Steve Angrum (early 1950s – 1961)
Tenor sax Andrew Morgan (early 1950s), Jesse Charles
Alto sax Ernest Poree ( – early 1960s), Herman Sherman (early 1960s – replacing Poree), Harold Dejan
Tuba William “Grant” Brown (1949 – 1961), Batiste “Bat” Brown (1961 – ), Worthia “showboy” Thomas
Snare drum Lester Santiago, Edward “Son White” Washington, Alfred Williams (early 1960s – often replaced Washington), Josiah “Cie” H. Frazier
Bass drum George Williams
Leader George Williams, Theodore “Teddy” Riley

Oscar “Chicken” Henry (tb) William “Grant” Brown (sous), Ernest Poree (as), Bob Thomas (tb), Andrew Morgan (ts), Albert Walters (tp),

1955, October: Odd Fellows parade
Edmond “Son White” Washington (sndm), Joe Phillips (tp), Theodore “Teddy” Riley, Steve Angrum, Ernest Poree, Bob Thomas (tb), Bill Brown (sous), “Buster” Moore (tb), George Williams (bsdm)

Buster Moore (tb), Steve Angrum (cl)

The George Williams’ Brass Band was recorded. Until today the recordings were unissued.
Alfred Williams (sndm) was one of them.

1964, September 5:
Henry “Pickle”Jackson (sndm), Henry “Booker T” Glass (bsdm), Joseph Bentley (tp), Theodore Riley (tp), Sam Alcorn (tp), Herman Sherman (as), Joseph (brother Cornbread) Thomas (cl), Bill Brown (sous), Albert Warner (tb), Louis Nelson (tb), George Williams (bsdm)

1965, August 27:
George Williams died and Teddy Riley took over the band. He renamed it Riley-Williams Tulane Brass Band

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