Imperial Brass Band

In the mid 1920s Manuel Perez changed the name of the Onward Brass Band into Imperial Brass Band. The reason for changing this name remain unknown. Perez was amongst the first brass band leaders to employ saxophones on the street. Maybe this modern change led to the new name, because the Onward was known as a traditional brassband.

Mid 1920s – late summer 1927 when Perez left New Orleans.

From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Cornet/trumpet Manuel Perez (former), Maurice Durand (mid 1920s -), Son of James McNeil (mid 1920s), Ricard Alexis (mid 1920s), Louis Armstrong, Alvin Alcorn ( – ), Samuel Alcorn (son of)i1
Trombone Buddy Johnson (ca 1905)16, Arthur “Yank” Johnson (mid 1920s – ), Earl Humphrey (mid 1920s – ), Butler “Guyé” Rapp
Clarinet Eddie Cherrie (mid 1920s – ), George Baquet
Bariton horn Manuel Manetta (mid 1920s – )
Alto horn Walter “Fats” Pichon (mid 1920s – )
Alto sax Adolphe Alexander jr. (mid 1920s – ), Harold Dejan (According to Keith Spera, Music writer/The Times-Picayune 07/06/02)
Tenor sax Barney Bigard, Eddie Cherrie
Tuba Jim Bull (mid 1920s – )
Snare drum Alfred Williams (mid 1920s – )
Bass drum Henry Martin (mid 1920s – )
Leader Manuel Perez, Alvin Alcorn

Manuel Perez renamed the Onward Brass Band into Imperial Brass Band. It was Perez who was the first leader of a brass band to use saxophones. The Onward was known as a very traditional brass band. The Imperial used younger musicians and a modern instrumentation. This was maybe the reason he changed the name.

1976, August:
In August 1976, Alvin Alcorn toured with his Imperial Brass Band in Paris, France and played in England.

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