Indiana Brass Band

The Indiana Brass Band was formed in 1899-1900 as a boys brass band under the leadership of Perkins and Kenchen and actually played until the death of Kenchen. After Kenchen’s dead George McCullum took over the band and probably changed the band in the marching band.

From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Cornet/trumpet Walter Kenchen (co-leader), Joe Oliver ?, Edouard Edward Clem, Oscar “Papa” Celestin (1906 -), George McCullum sr., Bunk Johnson
Trombone Dave Perkins
Bariton horn  
Alto horn Thomas R. Leblanc
Tuba Joe Howard, “Knottsy” Butts
Snare drum  
Bass drum John Robichaux (1906)
Unknown instrument “Chief”
James Holtry
Leader Dave Perkins, Walter Kenchen, George McCullum sr.(after Kenchen’s dead)

According to Bunk Johnson Joe Oliver started his musical career in a boys brass band, organized by Walter Kenchen. We can assume that this band was that brass band.10


The marching band, after G. McCullum took over the band

Trumpet George McCullum sr., John Pendleton, Oscar “Papa” Celestin, Alvin Alcorn
Trombone Honoré Dutrey, Eddie Atkins, Willie Cornish
Clarinet Sam Dutrey sr., Willie Eli Humphrey sr.
Mellophone “Knottsy” Butts
Tuba William “Grant” Brown, Joe Howard
Snare drum August Cato
Bass drum  
Leader George McCullum sr.
Unknown instrument Alfred Hennon, Harry Payton, Hack Taylor

1920, July:
George McCullum sr. played his last job with “The Marching Band” in a parade of the Odd Fellows on Algiers side of the river and the Bulls River Club Parade.

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