I`ve found a new baby

1926© Music Spencer Williams and Lyrics by Jack Palmer

Jack Palmer            * ?
† ?
Spencer Williams * New Orleans, La Oct 14, 1889
† New York City, NY Jul 14, 1965

Everybody look at me, happy honey you will see,
I’ve got someone nice, oh gee,
Oh joy,what bliss.

Just the treasure that I need, pure as gold and guaranteed,
Is she pretty, yes indeed,
Let me tell you this:

I’ve found a new baby, a sweet honeybee,
My fashions-plate baby, has trilled me with joy!

Her new way of lovin’, has made me her slave,
Her sweet turtle dovin’, is all that I crave.

Sweetest kiss, what a kiss, full of bliss, can’t resist, somehow,
Tells me lies, but she’s wise, naughty eyes mesmerize, I vow and how!

I don’t mean maybe, I just had to fall,
I’ve found a new baby, a new baby, that’s all