Kid Howard´s Brass Band

Kid Howard´s Brass Band performed from about late 1920s early 1930s until ?
This brass band was a “get together” band according to Howard.

From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Cornet/trumpet Avery “Kid” Howard, George “Kid Sheik” Colar, Alvin Fernandez, Louis Dumaine, Henry Allen sr, Edgar “Sambo” Joseph,
Trombone Jim Robinson, Louis Nelson, Eddie Summers, Sam Williams, Harrison Brazlee, William “Bill” Matthews, Jim Matthews
Clarinet George Lewis
Sax (not knowing which one Howard Davis
Tenor sax Jesse Charles, Andrew Morgan
Alto sax Edward “Eddie” Johnson, Ernest Poree,
Bariton horn John Porter
Bass horn Herman “Bassie” Mitchell
Mellophone Ricard Alexis
Tuba William “Grant” Brown, Ed “Noon” Johnson, Andrew Minor, Sidney “Little Jim” Brown
Snare drum James “Jockey” Wilson, Andrew JeffersonBaptise “Bat” Moseley or Mosley, Cie Frazier
Bass drum George Williams (manager), Henry “Booker T” GlassEdgar Mosley, Arthur Ogle, Chester Jones, Lawrence Marrero
Leader Avery “Kid” Howard

1931, July 4:
The band played at Buddy Petit’s funeral.
Playing with Howard was also George “Kid Sheik” Colar, Jim Robinson, Sidney “Little Jim” Brown, Adolphe “Tats” Alexander jr

The band played at Sam Morgan’s funeral, who died during Mardi Gras.

On a Sunday morning, cornerstone laying for the new headquarters for the Good Time and Pleasure Club at Amelia and Tchoupitoulas Street.
Avery “Kid” Howard (tp), Alvin Fernandez (tp), Jim Robinson (tb), George Lewis (Eb cl), Ernest Poree (as), Eddie Johnson (as), Andrew Morgan (ts), William Brown (sous), George Williams (bsdm), James Wilson (sndm).

1946, March:

Brass band funeral march, Dumaine Street, New Orleans, photograph by William Russell, 1946 (92-48-L MSS 520, f. 376), William Russell Jazz Collection, Clarisse Claiborne Grima Fund purchase.

The band played at the funeral of one of the Square Deal Boys, called Morris.
Kid Howard and Louis Dumaine (tp), Jim Robinson and Bill Mathews (tb), George Lewis (Eb cl), and others????

In March 1946, jazz collector and historian Bill Russell made a series of photographs to document a jazz funeral procession in the historically black Tremé neighborhood. This image shows Kid Howard’s brass band— featuring Jim Robinson, Louis Dumaine, and George Lewis—on its way to a funeral home, from which the deceased and mourners would be accompanied through the streets to one of the local cemeteries. Until the deceased reached his final resting place, the band would have played slow, mournful spirituals, swaying as they walked, and gathering a steadily growing crowd as they moved along. Russell noted that this procession was sponsored by the Square Deal Boys, probably a club or benevolent society based in Tremé. Unfortunately, jazz funerals in recent years have devolved into crowded media spectacles.
1946, August 31 and September 31:
The band was filmed playing a mock funeral sequence for the Hollywood film “New Orleans”, made by Majestic Productions.
Kid Howard mentioned:
Avery “Kid” Howard, Louis Dumaine and Henry Allen sr (tp), Jim Robinson and Bill Mathews (tb), Howard Davis (sax), George Lewis (cl), Sidney Brown (tuba), Arthur Ogle (bsdm), Bat Moseley (sndm).

Tom Bethell mentioned in his book on George Lewis:
Howard Davis (sax), Ricard Alexis (mellophone), John Porter (bar horn), Cié Frazier (sndm) and Lawrence Marrero (bsdm). The material was not included in the final cut of the film. The sound tracks haven’t come to light still.
Richard Bourcier:
The section was cut before the final release of the film in 1947. To the best of my knowledge the song was “Maryland, My Maryland.”

Marcel Joly:
At the time this music appeared on LP for the first time, no discs of those recordings could be found. Today we know more about them. We even know who played in the brass band: Kid Howard, Louis Dumaine, Henry Allen Sr (tpt) Jim Robinson, Bill Matthews (tb) George Lewis (clt) Howard Davis (sax) John Porter (baritone horn) Ricard Alexis (mellophone) Sidney Brown (sous) Cie Frazier (sn-dm) Lawrence Marrero (bs-dm). Two tunes were recorded in several takes: “Going To The Graveyard” ( “Flee As a Bird To The Mountain”) and “Marching From The Graveyard” (“St.Louis Blues”). Recording dates were August 31, 1946 and September 1, 1946, respectively. But where are the discs?i1

1957: (Jefferson City Buzzards Parade):
Bat Mosely (sndm), Josiah “Cie” Frazier (bsdm), Edgar “Sambo” Joseph (tp), Louis Cottrell (cl), Jim Robinson (tb).

Andrew Jefferson (sndm), Ed “Noon” Johnson (sous), Henry “Booker T” Glass (bsdm), Louis Nelson (tb), Anderson Minor (sous), Eddie Summers (tb).


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