My Monday Date

1928© Music by Earl Hines and lyrics by Sid Robin

Sid Robin                                 * New York City, NY Jul 12, 1912

Earl “Fatha” Kenneth Hines * Dusquesne, Pa Dec 28, 1903
† Oakland, Ca Apr 22, 1983
My Monday date was first recorded by Earl Hines as a piano solo in 1928.
My Monday Date was an inside joke between Hines, Armstrong, and Armstrong’s wife. Earl and Louis were close friends, and It’s said that they met often at Monday’s.

Don’t forget our Monday date,
that you  promised me last Tuesday.
Don’t forget and don’t be late,
all be there on noon-day.
I’m gonna shine my shoes, steam my tie,
Step right baby, ’cause you’re straight in your eyes.
Don’t forget our Monday date,
that you promised me last Tuesday.