Pacific Brass Band

The Pacific Brass Band performed from about 1900 until 1910 or 1912. The band was based in Algiers6,p26. Probably the band may have come into existence on the demise of the Pickwick Brass Band and declined as Henry Allen’s Brass Band gained popularity. Had the name of the band relation with the Texas Pacific-Missouri Pacific Terminal Railroad of New Orleans.
In the 1920s or 1930s Henry “Kid” Rena used the name for his brass band, according to Kid Howard.

Uniform: they wore a uniform of green, brown and gold and a green Stetson hat
with a large white feather4,p-200.

From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Cornet/trumpet Joe Lizard (Lazard or Lezerd (Eb), Manuel “Fess” Manetta, Jules “Deuce” Manetta Eb cornet( – )4,p200, Albert “Norm” Manetta4,p200, Henry “Kid” Rena, Elmer Talbert, Eddie Vincent, Charlie Love, Louis Douroux (replaced Hooker), George Hooker, Buddy Dash, Avery “Kid” Howard, Eddie Richardson (under Kid Rena), Louis de Rooke (early 1900s – )4,p200, Bunk Johnson ( – )6,p26
Trombone Frank Duson, Buddy Johnson (early 1900s – )4-200, Eddie Vinson (he replaced Duson in the early 1900s – )4,p200, Dave “Old Man” Perkins, Albert Warner (under Kid Rena)
Clarinet Albert “Dude” Gabriel (1910 – 1912)4,p200, George Lewis
Bariton horn George Sims ( – )4,p200, Clay Dash (recplaced Sims in early 1900s – ), George Hooker
Alto horn James A. Palao Spriggs, Flowers, Joe Payen (early 1900s – )4,p200
Alto sax James A. Palao Spriggs, Manny Gabriel, Joe Payen, Joe Leesard (early 1900s – )4,p200 
Bass horn Joseph “Bobo” Lewis, Remeau (early 1900s – )4,p200
Snare drum Duke (Dude) Simpson ( – )4,p200, Dude Calvin
Bass drum George Davis ( – )4,p200, Edgar Mosley, Robert “Son fewclothes” Lewis (under Kid Rena)
??? drum Bernie Dash
Manager George Sims (from about 1900 to about 1910)16
Leader Joe Lizard (Lazard) (and manager), Jules “Deuce” Manetta4,p200, Manuel Manetta (according to Peter Bocage), Henry “Kid” Rena

At George Sims house the band rehearsed.

Milton “Mooney” Martin told in an interview, that Vinson and Johnson were the bands trombonists in 1908.

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