Pelican Brass Band

The Pelican Brass Band was formed: 1889 January 23 by J. Dresch
(headquarters 227 Gravier street)

From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Cornet/trumpet James B. Humphrey
Clarinet Willie Warner
Bariton horn A.W. Clark (presumably Aaron Warren Clark)
Alto horn
Snare drum
Bass drum
Leader J. Dresch (1889), James B. Humphrey (1889)

Other musicians:
J. Dresch, Sylvester Decker,  E.J. Palao, J.O. Hoggat, J.T. Hall, Samuel Kincey, William Crawford, J.T. Bates, James Bernard, James Taylor

Is there a relationship with the Pelican newspaper?

1889: Summer
Band played at Shell Beach, near Delacroix Island south of New Orleans.

1889: October 21
Concert in Jackson Hall.

Sources books:
18 Exploring early Jazz by Daniel Hardie