Reliance Brass Band

The Reliance Brass Band performed from the 1888i1 until the 1917 . It was a white brass band, althought some black musicians (light skinned) were playing in the band to.
From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Cornet/trumpet Johnny Lala (ca 1910 – (according to Jazzmen, member of the first Reliance BB), Manuel Mello or Marlow ( –  (member first Reliance BB “Jazzmen”), Arnold Metoyer, Dominique James “Nick” La Rocca, Albert “Abbie” Brunies, Pete Dientrans, Gus Zimmerman, Frank Joseph Christian, Freddie Neuroth, Joe Lala, Richard “Richie Brunies, Merritt Brunies, Pete Pellegrini, Lawrence Veca, George Barth, Harry Shannon, Ray Lopez, Johnny De Droit, Theogene V. Baquet (Eb cornet), Alfred “Baby” “Pantsy” Laine
Trombone Jules Casoff or Cassard ( – member first Reliance BB “Jazzmen”), Dave Perkins (1892 – 1913), Leonce Mello ( – ), Tom “Red” Brown, Henry Brunies, Emile Joseph Christian, Edwin Branford “Eddie” “Daddy” Edward, Bill Gallaty sr., George Brunies, Marcus Kahn, Ricky Toms, George “Happy” Schilling 
Clarinet Alcide Patrick “Yellow” Nunez (member first Reliance BB “Jazzmen”) (1912-1916)16, Achille Baquet, Eddie Cherie, Tony Parenti ( – ), Louis “papa” Tio (-), Gustave “Gus” “Gussie” Mueller, Lawrence ¨Larry¨ Shields, Nunzio Scaglione, Alphonse Floristan Picou, Leon Roppolo sr, Martin Kirsch, Sidney Moore, Clem Camp, Johnny Fischer, Tony Giardina, John “Pujol” Palisier or Paliser, Red Rowling
Bariton horn Manuel Belasco, Aaron Warren Clark (before 1894 when Aaron died)
Alto horn George Brunies, Alfred “Paintsy” “Baby” Laine, (Vincente) Vincent Barocco, Merritt Brunies
Bass horn Martin “Chink” Abraham sr., Steve Brown, (Guiseppe Allesandra) Joe Alexander (190416 – ), Joe Barocco
Snare drum Mike Stevens ( –  (member first Reliance BB “Jazzmen”), Tim Harris
Bass drum Jack “Papa” Laine, Dave Perkins (1892 – 1913)
??? drum Johnny Stein ( – ), Tony Sbarbaro, Bill Lambert, Diddie Stephens, Emmett Rogers
Leader George Vetiala (Vitelle) “Papa Jack” Laine (Jazzmen10 tells that Manuel Marlow was the first leader), Achille Baquet ‘(son of Theogene; leader of the Excelsior BB) and Dave Perkins, arranged tunes for the band and were the teachers of it.

Jack Laine began in the 1890s a career as a band manager and entrepreneur, organizing a series of brass bands. The small brass bands were hired for parades, circuses, tent shows etc.1

According to Rudi Blesh (Shining Trumpets) Johnny Lala, Manuel Marlow (Mello?) (cnt), Jules Casoff (tb), Alcide Nunez (cl), Mike Stevens (sn dm), Jack laine (b dm) were original personnel when Laine started the brassband. Blesh gave 1892/1893 as the year for the first organized Reliance Brass Band.14,p205 

Ca 1900:
1900 – Influenced by his Cuban wife, Blanche Nuñez, Dixieland bandleader Jack “Papa” Laine includes a number of Cuban and Mexican musicians in his Reliance Brass Band. Brothers Manuel J. and Leonce Mello, once workers in the Cuban sugar industry, later form their own jazz band in New Orleans.i3



Left to right: Manuel Mello, Yellow Nunez, Leonce Mello,
Seated: Jack “Papa”Laine, Baby Laine, Chink Martin, Tim Harris.i1

501-509 Opelousas Avenue is the Metropolitan tabernacle (First Baptist Church of Algiers). This fabulous old building was formerly Philip Foto’s Folly Theater, a venue that opened in 1915 presenting vaudeville, silent movies, minstrel and musical acts including the ALGIERS JUVENILE ORCHESTRA, featuring a young EMMETT HARDY, who played here in 1916. Many Jazz musicians played in minstrel and vaudeville shows. The Folly was built on the site of Algiers’ first playground that opened in 1913 to the sounds of “PAPA” JACK LAINE’S RELIANCE BAND. This band had many local listings. The theater originally seated 900 people, but as its popularity grew, Mr. Foto expanded the building to hold 2000 in 1920.i2
Jack Laine’s Reliance Brass Band was filmed by French Gaumont in a Mardi Gras film.v1

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