Silver Leaf Brass Band

The Silver Leaf Brass Band performed from 1938 until the early 1950s
Moseley said he formed the Golden Leaf Brass Band, but according to the name who was painted on the bass drum that Moseley gave to Kid Howard it was the Silver Leaf Brass Band.
Abby Williams probably used almost the same musicians when he got brass band jobs, only he called the band than Abby Williams Happy Pals Brass Band
From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Avery “Kid” Howard, George “Kid Sheik” Colar, Thomas Jefferson, DeeDee Pierce, Jimmy Clayton, Edgar “Sambo” Joseph

Jim Robinson, Homer Eugene, Harrison Brazlee, Jim Crow

George Lewis, Louis Cottrell jr
Tenor sax

Jesse Charles
Alto sax

John Handy, Adolphe “Tats” Alexander

Herman “Bassey” Mitchell, Sidney Brown, Noon Johnson, Sydney “Jim Little” Brown
Snare drum

Bat Moseley, Abby Williams
Bass drum

Chester Jones


Bat Moseley, Avery “Kid” Howard


Avery “Kid” Howard, DeeDee Pierce and Jimmy Clayton (tp), Jim Robinson and Harrison Brazlee (tb), Noon Johnson (sous), Adolphe “Tats” Alexander (alto sax), Jesse Charles (tenor sax), Chester Jones (bsdm), Abby Williams (sndm).
Bat Moseley (sndm), Louis Cottrell jr (cl), Edgar “Sambo” Joseph and Kid Howard (tp), Jim Robinson (tb)