Terminal Brass Band

The Terminal Brass Band performed from about before ? until ?.
Harrison Barnes said, he played with the band before 1913.

From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Cornet/trumpet George Brashear (musical leader), Paul Pierre, Louis Rodriguez, Norman “Norm” Manetta, Maurice Durand, ,
Trombone Charles “Sonny” Henry, Joe Smith, Joseph “Joe” Petit (valve), Louis Rodriguez,  Harrison Barnes,
Clarinet Willie Parker
Bariton horn “Sheik O”, George Hooker (?)
Alto horn Clem Brown, “Pompey”
Tuba Joe Parker
Snare drum Joe Martin
Bass drum “Man Creole”, Henry “Sleepy” Robertson
Leader Willie Parker

Willie Parker saw the word “Terminal” at the Basin and Canal Railroad Depot. The band members liked it and so the Terminal Brass Band had his name.

I also used to play some with the Terminal Brass Band, a band that Willie Parker used to play with.i1

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