Tulane Brass Band

The Tulane Brass Band performed from about before 1909 untill 1945/46.
In 1944/45 the Tulane Brass Band was disbanded, because there was a lack of suitable brass band musicians.
In 1965/66 Teddy Riley briefly resurrected the band

From this musicians it’s known that they played in the Brass Band:

Cornet/trumpet Amos Riley, Punch Miller, Joe HowardPeter Lacaze, Alcide Al “Big” Landry (Eb) (mid 1920s – 1945/6), Albert Walters, Avery “Kid” Howard,
Trombone Joe Avery, Charles “Sunny” Henry (1913 – ), Frankie Dusen, Gus Metcalf, Isaiah “Big Ike” Robinson, Albert Warner, Jim Robinson,
Clarinet Sam Dutrey sr., Willie Humphrey jr.(1919/20 – ), George Lewis (late 1920s – ), Alphonse Picou (Eb), John Casimir (late 1930s – until 1938)
Bariton horn Gus Metcalf, Peter White
Alto horn Johnny St.Cyr,
Mellophone Isidore Barbarin
Alto sax Wilbert Tillman ( – 1938), “Big Head” Eddie Johnson (late 1930s – 1945/6)
Tuba Joe Howard, White, Wilbert Tillman (late 1930s)
Snare drum August “Shot” Cato, Christopher “Black Happy” Goldston (replacement for Cato) (before 1914 – 1923/24), Earl Foster, Ernest Rogers ( – 1945/6), (Ramos) Remus “Brown Happy” Mathewsi2,
Bass drum Robert “Son Fewclothes” Lewis, Edgar Moseley, Emile Knox (late 1920′ – )
Leader Amos Riley ( – 1925), Alcide Al “Big” Landry (1925- 1945/6)

Tulane Brass Band and Kid Howard’s Brass Band played at the funeral of Sam Morgan.

“During the thirties George Lewis remained in New Orleans, playing whenever he could, at a variety of dance dates and for the Tulane Brass Band and the Tuxedo Brass Band. He maintained his livelihood by stevedoring at the docks,  unloading the coffee ships that came into New Orleans from South America.i1

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