Alexander, Adolphe “Tats” jr

* July 15, 1898 New Orleans, La.
† Dec 30, 1969 New Orleans, La.

As a brass band musician he played with: Eureka, Happy Pals, Imperial, Silver Leaf, Tuxedo Brass Band

Adolphe Tats Alexander jr. was a clarinet, baritone horn and later saxophone player in Sidney Desvigne’s band on the SS. Capitol (ca. 1922 – 193316) according to a photograph from the Hogan Jazz Archive, Tulane University.
He played in the Abby Williams Happy Pals and on the recording of the Bunk Johnson Brass Band.

Started playing with the Tuxedo Brass Band, 1921. He played with Papa Celestin from mid-40’s to 1954 and in the Eureka Brass Band. He retired music in 1955.16

He played with Kid Howard’s Brass Band for Buddy Petit’s funeral in 1931
Most sources do not quote the actual day of death, merely giving it as “January” but a piece in the New Orleans States-Item mentions that George Lewis and Adolphe Alexander had jazz funerals on the same day, January 3rd, and went on to say, “Alexander, 70, died Monday of acute pulmonary edema and Lewis,68, died Tuesday, of pneumonia and influenza.” Since Dec. 31 when George died was a Tuesday, this would confirm Alexander’s death on the Monday, Dec. 30th.19