Alexis Ricard

* October 16 1891  New Orleans, La (189616)
† March 15 1960  New Orleans, La

As a brass band musician he played with: Henry Allen, Chris Kelly’s, Kid Howard, Imperial, Onward, Tuxedo Brass Band

Ricard Alexis was born in New Orleans. He played trumpet in the Allen brass band in New Orleans and later switched to bass. He played mellophone on the recordings that were made for the film “New Orleans”.
He worked with Paul Barbarin, Papa Celestin, Percy Humphrey and Bob Lyons’Dixie Jazz Band 1918-25.

With the Tuxedo orchestra he played on the S.S. Pelican under William Bebé Ridgley. In 1927 he recorded with Papa Celestin.16

Paul Dubé, mailed us:

Ricard also worked with Chris Kelly’s band but his career on trumpet was short lived :

A few moments after he had left his house, late December 1927, waiting for a street car, en route to one of Kelly’s gig, an auto, top down, containing two roistering white youths, laughing uproariously at Ricard’s fear and involuntary jump to avoid the car, swung at him with a tire iron, striking him on the side of the face, shattering his jaw. Ricard spent weeks in hospital while the wired-together-fragments of the jaw knit. After he was released, he never regained proper control of lip and cheek muscles, and laid down his trumpet, changing then to bass fiddle.

(Ann Fairbairn , «Call Him George» [a biography of George Lewis]¸ Crown Publishers Inc., New York, 1969)

There exists three or four recordings of Ricard playing the trumpet. – One can be heard on an obscure site, in French, based in Montreal, Canada, at the following address : (Go down to June 27)

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